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Body Awareness, Wheelchair Course, Handbike Course

The Manfred Sauer Foundation wants to help people with spinal cord injury learn to accept their own body in its imperfection and limitations.

In a fitness studio with hand ergometers and training equipment partly adapted to the wheelchair situation, people with spinal cord injury can train strength and endurance together with pedestrians as well as improve mobility and safety in wheelchairs in mobility training sessions and on the wheelchair course.

Sporty wheelchair users will find ideal training conditions on the 500 m long, challenging handbike course or undertake handbike tours on the forest tracks, which the Manfred Sauer Foundation planned and signposted in a joint project with the Neckartal-Odenwald Nature Park.

Wheelchair Scale - My wheelchair suits me!

It is not only useful but also comfortable to be able to measure your weight simply with the wheelchair on our wheelchair scale without having to move. Since the scale is calibrated up to 300 kg, it doesn't matter whether the wheelchair user is overweight or not.

But the wheelchair scale "GeoMess2" can do even more! It enables axle load measurement, i.e. it measures the load distribution on the front and rear wheels and transmits the values directly to the computer via sensors. In this way, the stability, tilt resistance and maneuverability of an active wheelchair can be calculated and optimized on the basis of these values.

The developer of the scales, Lars Brinkmann, stated on the basis of a study by the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences that "many wheelchairs are not optimally adjusted and are therefore more of an additional handicap than an aid". In order to adapt your wheelchair optimally to you, we can send you the determined values as a pdf via e-mail, so that you can make them available to your medical supply store when setting up your wheelchair.

Please make an appointment at the health centre if you would like to carry out an axle load measurement. For a pure weight measurement you do not need an appointment, just come to the health centre during the opening hours.

We offer both procedures free of charge for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Course

"Wheelchair course - coping with everyday obstacles" Learning the basic techniques of wheelchair handling and mobility in the environment.

The learning of the necessary basic techniques of wheelchair driving and a safe handling of the wheelchair are prerequisites for mastering everyday requirements outside the home.

On the very compressed space of the wheelchair course, the participants can independently train how to drive on different ground profiles, how to cope with inclines, gradients, steps and tram tracks as well as how to get on public transport. If you don't feel safe, you should consult your companion, who will also assist you in everyday situations.

Handbike Course of the Manfred Sauer Foundation – "Kaiser Ring”

Training course not only for wheelchair users and handbikers

With a length of 500 metres and an ascent/descent of up to 5.4%, the Manfred Sauer Foundation's asphalted wheelchair training course offers ideal training conditions for wheelchair users and handbikers.


Boule Court – Barrier-free and Roofed

The focus is on exercise in the fresh air, conviviality and fun. Boule also trains concentration, body control and hand-eye coordination. The constant alternation of bending and straightening strengthens the coordinative abilities and also has therapeutic effects.

Our barrier-free, covered boules court not only protects you from the sun but also allows you to play when the weather is not that good.