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Discover the diversity of your own abilities

Our goal is to create opportunities to sound out one's own abilities and to test them in practical implementation - despite the wheelchair situation and limited hand function. The aim here is to distract attention from deficits, awaken existing talents and present creative activities in order to open up new perspectives.

In this context, we would like creativity to be understood not only in terms of visual and performing arts, but also in terms of the ability to create something new, original, useful or useful.

Creative Workshop

It is well known that different abilities slumber in every human being. The creative workshop's task is to awaken and promote them in people with spinal cord injury.

Get a taste - find and implement ideas. Each paraplegic is individually advised in the creative workshop and, if necessary and possible, equipped with the appropriate aids, which are built and adapted by the workshop employees.

The design possibilities in the creative workshop include working with wood, soapstone, glass, paint and paper, as well as making jewelry.

While some still deal with the pottery trauma from their school days, others tell - I can't draw. But that doesn't matter if you are open-minded and simply get involved with topics and techniques that you want to try out, without any pressure and with appropriate support.

The creative workshop is open to people with spinal cord injury and a partner, but can also be booked by pedestrians for courses and creative activities under our guidance.

Creative Worshop: Main Fields

Wood is a wonderful material that wants to be discovered, whether turning, carving or constructing.

With bacon you catch mice, and with soapstone you create many different objects, sculptures or utensils.

In the colour workshop, participants can gain their first experience with acrylic colours in a variety of ways, whether on paper, canvas or other materials. There are no limits to the imagination. Linoleum printing or woodcuts are also exciting techniques to try out.

From simple works made of silver to the threading of pearl necklaces made of a variety of glass, plastic or wooden parts, individual pieces of jewellery can be produced.

Wrapping your own glass beads with a gas burner using glass rods or making small objects using Tiffany technology - the glass workshop is always colourful.

Paper, a material that can be processed in many ways. Visitors to the paper workshop can try everything from greeting cards or paper garlands to cardboard boxes or self-bound books.

Class Schedule

All topics to which the Manfred Sauer Foundation is dedicated are reflected in our courses for people with spinal cord injury and their partners. You will find all our courses in the calendar or in the class programme (available in German only).

of the Manfred Sauer Foundation

Garden is life and what you harvest are your means of life. Plants are grateful: They give you a rich yield as long as you care for them, take care of them, water them, fertilize them...

High beds of different construction methods also make gardening possible for wheelchair users. You will find a selection and many useful ideas in our greenhouse and the high-bed garden.