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Advice Centre for Nutrition and Digestion for People with Spinal Cord Injury

The topics of nutrition and digestion occupy people with spinal cord injury for a lifetime!

Therefore, the Manfred Sauer Foundation with its Advice Centre for Nutrition and Digestion is dedicated to both nutritional problems and neurogenic intestinal dysfunction.

The aim of the Advice Center is the improvement of the quality of life by individual problem solutions.

We support

  • People with spinal cord injury with
    • Nutrition issues
    • Weight controls
    • Food intolerances
    • Problems with intestinal management (such as: incontinence = unplanned bowel emptying; constipation = constipation or flatulence)
  • Relatives of paraplegics who would like to help the affected person with his/her problems.
  • Specialists with questions about nutrition and digestion of paraplegic patients.

During the consultation, the problems are discussed in detail and step-by-step measures are recommended which can contribute to improvement. As a rule, the person concerned is accompanied by telephone.

The counselling is independent and product-neutral.

Training & Education

The Manfred Sauer Foundation's Advice Centre for Nutrition and Digestion organizes advanced training courses on neurogenic intestinal dysfunction and raises awareness of the issues of nutrition and digestion of paraplegics through lectures, workshops, symposia, publications and various committees.


In-house training courses on-site are offered to specialist clinics for paraplegics, both for everyday coping with paraplegics and for specialist personnel on the subjects of nutrition, digestion and stress management.


We are involved in the following regional/national German speaking workgroups:


With the book "Querschnitt Ernährung" ("Cross-Sectional Nutrition"; available in German only), the Manfred Sauer Foundation and the Advice Centre for Nutrition and Digestion make a contribution to the healthy and balanced nutrition of people with spinal cord injury.

The 2nd volume "Querschnitt kochen" (Cross-Sectional Cooking) deals with the implementation. Delicious recipes that can be prepared even with little previous knowledge and that take into account the special requirements of people with spinal cord injury.

Veronika Geng

Nursing scientist, health and nurse, infection practioner, quality consultant in health care

Claudia Hess




The team of the Counselling Centre for Nutrition and Digestion cooperates on various issues with:


Dr. oec. troph. Bettina Schulz


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