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Mobility and Wheelchair Training

We are committed to imparting basic knowledge on mobility and wheelchair training to paraplegic wheelchair users in theory and practice.

It is our aim to demonstrate the optimal use of the wheelchair in everyday situations and to teach how to expand your personal radius of action. We offer various courses and workshops in our premises.  In mobility and wheelchair training we distinguish between two different training levels - depending on the needs and demands of the course participants.

Class Schedule

All topics to which the Manfred Sauer Foundation is dedicated are reflected in our courses for people with spinal cord injury and their partners. You will find all our courses in the calendar or in the class programme (available in German only).

Main focuses of the mobility and wheelchair training are e.g.:

  • Teaching theoretical knowledge about wheelchairs, e.g. inclination, axis adjustment, centre of gravity

  • Learning the driving technique in a wheelchair

  • Improvement of everyday mobility

  • Overcoming thresholds with different levels of difficulty

  • Practice transfers at the same height

  • Tilting while standing and safe tilting in various situations

  • Driving inclines in the tilted state

  • Learning the fall technique on a mat with and without support

  • Using public transport

  • Standing up in a fallen down wheelchair with and without auxiliary person

  • Independent driving on the most difficult floor profiles

  • Climbing stairs

Our range of classes on the subject of mobility is supplemented by special classes such as "The Shoulder - Drive Motor of the Wheelchair Userr" or the "Transfer Workshop".

In the class "The Shoulder - Drive Motor of the Wheelchair User" you will not only learn the anatomical and physiological basics of the shoulder joint but also techniques for strengthening, stretching, relaxing and perceiving the shoulder.

The transfer workshop, on the other hand, focuses on energy-saving transfers from A to B, learning transfer techniques and movement transitions that can be used to better carry out the activities of daily life.